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bevel gearboxes

Our compact bevel gearboxes are designed and built with performance and efficiency in mind.

Neeter Drive Range-N

The Neeter Drive bevel gearbox is an ultra compact unit and is available in 5 sizes with 5 gear ratios.

Employing a central bearing housing support on the 1:1 and 1.5:1 gear ratios, and a small extended bearing housing on the input side of the bevel gearboxes with ratios 2:1 and above. It is a high torque rated unit with good thermal characteristics. It is available in solid shaft and hollow output shaft configurations with the optionional motor mounting flange, for easy direct coupling of a standard electric motor.

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range-n bevel gearbox from power jacks


A compact "monobloc" bevel gearbox design provides a visually attractive, quality finished, casing, produced from die-casting, in lightweight, aluminium alloy.

Several alternative fixing options are provided each via 4 fixing holes, as well as, through 4 holes in integrally cast, small base-mounting bosses, on widely-spaced centers — for more stable mounting, to top or bottom thereby offering universal and exceptionally firm attachment facilities. A series of bevel gearboxes with three hole mounting in the gearbox casing is also available.

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range-p bevel gearbox from power jacks