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screw jacks

As a leader in the manufacture of mechanical screw jacks, and with over two million products in the field, we guarantee quality, reliability, performance and value.


New C-Series cubic screw jack featuring a compact and versatile cubic housing. High reliability and performance are guaranteed with the same precision worm gear set and lead screw as our E-Series screw jack.

The design also include two integrated lubrication systems and over 140 million standard configurations. Capacities range from 10kN to 100kN with machine screw at present.

C-Series Range »


Our classic E-Series screw jacks features a precision worm gear set, powerful lead screw, robust housing, two integrated lubrication mechanisms and a comprehensive range of options.

Capacity ranges from 5kN to 1,000kN as standard; as customised design it can be up to 3,500kN. For low duty applications a machine screw jacks is generally suitable for higher duties ball screw jacks on roller screw jacks are available the roller screw jacks suited to very high loads. construction of these units is available in standard materials or corrosion resistant, e.g. complete stainless steel jacks. The E-Series screw jacks design is fully customisable by our engineering team to meet your exact application requirements.

E-Series Range »


The imperial (Inch/lb) single face screw jacks which, like the E-Series, delivers positive, precise actuation. Standard capabilities from 0.25Ton to 250Ton available with a machine screw for intermittent duty cycles or ball screw for higher duty cycles, energy saving and longer life at load.

Constructed in standard materials or stainless steel; ideal for special environments. Translating or rotating screw with custom designs available.

M-Series Range »


Our high performance series typically has 50% greater duty cycle capabilities than the standard worm gear machine screw jack.

Further, the series is engineered to meet the highest standards of durability and possesses a diverse selection of configurations and accessories. Its capacity ranges from 25kN to 200kN as standard.

S-Series Range »


High accuracy machine screw thread anode jack available in 3 model types: Standard, Swivel type and High performance all come as either translating or rotating screw configurations with capabilities from 130kN to 300kN and special designs of up to 2000kN.

Can be installed upright or inverted with a one piece forged rod end and lifting screw and able to withstand high temperatures and duty cycle the A-Series Anode Jacks can be used in harsh industrial environments.

A-Series Range »