Find an answer to some frequently asked questions about our range of products. From Technical specifications to operational issues to clarification of terms.

Just Ask

No matter what enquiry you have we will endeavour to find a satisfactory answer for you. If you’re unable to find an appropriate answer in the FAQ section please contact our sales staff for a prompt response.

  1. How do I buy from Power Jacks?
  2. Contact our sales team by email ( or phone (+44 (0)1358 285100) with details of what you would like to purchase. You will then receive a quotation.

    Let us know when you are ready to go ahead with the order by sending a communication with your purchase order. We will confirm receipt of the order and send a sales acknowledgment.

    Unless otherwise agreed, first orders on all new accounts will be actioned on a Proforma basis and payment will be due at time of order placement. Upon receipt of payment, the purchase order will be processed and delivery lead time confirmed. Provision of a credit limit will then be reviewed following a credit check. Initial invoices can be paid by credit/debit card as required. Credit card charge applies.

    If you already have an account with us, a sales invoice will be issued.

    Your order will be produced and delivered as per agreed terms.

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  3. Which countries do you export to?
  4. Power Jacks export worldwide and currently sell to 60 countries. New additions are always welcome.

    Please view the distributor section for details.

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  5. How do I collect an Ex-Works order from Power Jacks?
  6. All collection drivers must provide three out of the following six pieces of information in order of successful collection of goods. If a collection driver fails to provide three pieces of information then the driver will be turned away from despatch until they are able to provide the information required.

    Information to be provide for collection (3 out of 6 required for successful collection):

    1. Power Jacks sales order number
    2. Full customer address
    3. Full final delivery address, i.e ship to address on Power Jacks paperwork
    4. Customer order number
    5. Power Jacks case number
    6. Power Jacks reference number
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  7. What is the best way to send an order to Power Jacks?
  8. The preferred method for sending an order to Power Jacks is by email with the purchase order attached to the email as a separate document. This can be sent to or to one of our sales team individual email addresses.

    Power Jacks still accept faxed orders, however email is preferred.

    Orders can be received by post. In this case a registered / recorded postal method is recommended. Please allow adequate time for the order to arrive at Power Jacks.

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  9. Best way to send a document to Power Jacks?
  10. The preferred method for sending a document to Power Jacks is by email. Power Jacks can accept the majority of file formats, however if you are concerned just ask. When emailing please ensure that you include relevant text in the email “subject” field and your contact details in the body of the email.

    Power Jacks still accept faxes at present, however email is preferred.

    NOTE: When comparing fax to email it has been found that faxed documents are poorer in quality, transmission not as reliable, transmission line can be busy, cost more for both parties, less secure, limited to A4 paper size and have a detrimental effect on the environment.

    Documents can be received by post. In this case a registered / recorded postal method is recommended. Please allow adequate time for the document to arrive at Power Jacks. Paper or electronic documents on CD, DVD, Media Card or USB Drive are acceptable.

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  11. How do I pay for an order?
  12. Payment Methods are:

    1. Proforma Invoice
    2. Sales Invoice for Account Holders

    Payment can be accepted by:

    1. Credit Card
    2. BACS (Bank Transfer payment)
    3. Cheque
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  13. What are Power Jacks Terms & Conditions?
  14. Please refer to the terms and conditions listed on this website.

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  15. What is the Standard Delivery Cost to Mainland UK?
  16. Power Jacks Standard Delivery to Mainland UK is FREE !!

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  17. What are the Standard UK Mainland Delivery Details?
  18. Standard Mainland UK Delivery is Road Freight using a Power Jacks nominated logistics company. Standard delivery lead time is usually 1 - 3 working days with most customers experiencing 1 day delivery. Products that need special transportation may incur additional charges and you will be advised at the time of enquiry.

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