Our vision is to become the partner of choice for our products globally

Our Core Values & Strategy

Our values are based on four interdependent strategies:

working at a cnc machine

1. People

Our People are the foundation & the key to the success of our business. Our aim is for employees to feel engaged with the company, understand the objectives, be creative and have a secure and satisfying role to play within the organisation.

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2. Process

We must excel at our business Processes and strive for operational excellence and continuous improvement in the way we conduct our business. Dealing responsibly and ethically with customers and suppliers, being committed to QHSE excellence and playing a part in the local community is intrinsic to our business.

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3. Partnership

We aim to create a partnership with our Customers through their trust and confidence in our products & services, that will advance our mutual interests, enhance our reputation and make Power Jacks the recognised brand and partner of choice.

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4. Responsibility

And finally we recognise the need for Financial Responsibility. Our purpose is to make sustainable profit for the benefit of all our stakeholders and to allow for continued growth and development of the business.